I personally love croissants, although they are quite fattening.  What is a croissant?  The croissant is a crescent shaped French (Vienna- Style) pastry.  It has many layers and each layer of the dough has a layer of butter; as an outcome, the pastry is super flaky and light.  There are many varieties of croissants, butter, cheese, etc.

Last weekend, as I happened to be a one of the new locations of the Aroma Espresso Bar (inside Markville mall), they had fresh baked, just out of the oven croissants.  My mum couldn’t resist.  We had a full avocado sandwich made with the croissants.  They were heavenly.  Melted in your mouth, crispy, flaky, air-ness.  I was temped to get another, but after finishing half my Mango Kale juice (which btw, was also delicious, healthy and cleansing), I didn’t think I could eat anymore.

The next day when I went into work I was still craving for that delicious croissant, so I bought one from Tim’s.  It was not the same thing in anyway.  I have to be fair, it definitely wasn’t a fresh made croissant, but the density of the pastry just didn’t feel like it lived up to the infamous French crescent bread.

There is a big gap in the price as well, $2.45 at Aroma’s and $1.60 at Tim’s.   I guess sometimes you really do pay for quality, but to be fair, I’m going to do a comparison post later.  It will be fresh baked Tim’s croissant Vs. Aroma’s fresh baked croissant.  Come back soon for the review.

Who will be Off the List?


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