Timmy’s CranAppleWalnut Bran Muffin


As daily Tim Horton’s goer, I try many of their yummy treats.  Today I decided to give the Cranberry Apple Walnut Bran Muffin a try.  Unfortunately I was severely disappointed.  It could have been the location I go to at work, as I know the products are delivered to us rather than having them baked on location.

Let’s break down the muffin:

Muffin top:

It had Oats, Walnut bits, and some visible red which looks like parts of cranberries.  It had that muffin top crunchy but was a bit dry, maybe due to the toasted oats and walnuts being there.  It wasn’t sweet, but also wasn’t lacking flavour.

Inside/middle of Muffin:

20141103_132703 20141103_133432_resized

The inside parts of the muffin was moist for a bran muffin, however there were spots that were wet and soggy.  As you can imagine a soggy muffins texture wise and flavour wise doesn’t make sense.  There were some cranberries inside and they seem like they were frozen cranberries as it bled around the muffin.  I don’t mind frozen cranberries, as it’s understandable for fruits to not be available every season.  The issue I had was flavour and texture.  The cranberries were so sour.  They were not tart, they were just sour.  Around the cranberries, the muffin was soggy as well.   The apple bits lacked flavour.  Biting into the bits, you wouldn’t know they are apples.

Bottom of the Muffin:


The bottom of the muffin was well done.  It wasn’t burn at all and it came off the muffin liner easily.  There were cranberries and apples on the bottom as well.

In the end, due to all the soggy part, I found the muffin very hard to eat and if felt like it was not a well made baked product.  I do think this can be just the location at my work place but I definitely will not be trying this muffin again at this location.

Cranberry Apple Walnut Bran Muffin (from work), You’re Off the List!


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